Technical Downloads

Detailed Information on Filter Presses, Plates, Shifters and More

Brochures & Data Sheets (PDF Downloads)

Micronics_Overview Brochure-English
Micronics_Overview Brochure-Spanish
Filter Plate Brochure

Filter Plates & Filter Presses
(New) MicroPress – 150 mm Bench-scale Filter Press
Function of a Filter Press
Filter Cake Washing w/Filter Plate Photo and Drawing
Micronics Filter Cake Carts
Membrane Filter Plates
Vacuum Filter Press Membrane Plates
Installing Test Plates
Refurbishing of Mining Filter Plates
CGR Filter Plate_Questionnaire
Three Way Filter Plate Valve
Differential Pressure Out of Balance Filter Plates
Test Pressure Filter
Pneumatic Plate Shifter
Filter Plate Shifter Replacement
Filter Press Liner Pipes
Filter Plate Handles
Distribution Rings

LASTA MC – High Capacity, Fully Automatic Filter Presses for Mining & Mineral Processing
Lasta MC High Capacity Automatic Filter Press Mining Industry
Lasta MC Test Equipment

Filter Cloth

Filter Cloth Cleaning
Micronics HPR SK Neck Filter Cloth Feed Necks
Installing CGR Gasketed Filter Cloths – Use of Manual Hammer
Filter Cloths For Corner Feed Plates
Filter Cloth Cylinder Bellows Sizing Sheet