Food & Beverage

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group and trusted brands – Micronics, NFM, Filterfab, SFM, CPE, UPC, and AFT – are leading providers of Total Engineered Filtration Solutions for the food processing & beverage industries.

Micronics’ family of brands is well-known in baghouses in the food processing industries. Our diverse range of liquid/solid separation solutions is found in everything from breweries to sugar beet processing operations. Sugar is an industry in which we supply a wide range of high-quality filter media for filtration equipment ranging from Filter Presses to Pressure Leaf Filters to Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters.

Total Engineered Filtration Solutions include the best filter media, FDA-compliant filtration equipment, a full range of on-site field services, and in-house laboratory testing services. You can be confident in the quality & reliability of the filtration products, services & technical expertise from the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group.

Count on us for your pressure filtration, vacuum filtration, and dry/baghouse solutions needs. We are committed to your success.

Food Processing, Beverage Industry & Agricultural Applications

Sugar processing, Beet Sugar Processing, Winemaking, (Lees Filtration), Beer Brewing & mash filtration, Juice, Distilleries filtration, Flour Mills, Yeast, Starch, Edible Oils, Palm Oil Fractionation, Corn products, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Milling, Corn Gluten, Cornstarch, Enzyme removal from grains and vegetables, Agricultural foods dewatering, Food processing wastewater treatment, animal nutrition, Dust collection in the food processing industries, Dust collection in the dairy industry, Grain elevators, Bioethanol production

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Micronics Is Your Trusted Partner for Total Engineered Filtration Solutions. We offer end-to-end solutions from Filter Media to Industry-Leading Filtration Equipment, to Spare Parts & Accessories, to On-Site Field Services and In-House Laboratory Services. Whether for your Filter Press, Belt Press, Leaf Filter, Vacuum Filter, or Baghouse, you can count on Micronics’ deep industry and applications knowledge for the right engineered filtration solution to meet your needs. We look forward to working with your team.

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