Extended Surface Area Solutions

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is a leader in Extended Surface Area (ESA) Filter Bags and ESA Baghouse Solutions. With Micronics’ ESA Baghouse Solutions, we can help you with Emissions Compliance, needed additional baghouse capacity, and/or improved service life for undersized or aging Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors.

Micronics offers a full range of proven, industry-leading Extended Surface Area brands including SOLAFT® StarBag™ & PrimaFlow™, AFT® OptiSize™, and traditional Pleated Filter Elements.

Contact Us today and let us help you with reduced emission levels, long-lasting filter bags, and optimizing the cost of ownership of your APC equipment.

Benefit from Micronics’ Extended Surface Area (ESA) Baghouse Solutions, which help with:

  • Emissions Compliance
  • Needed additional baghouse capacity without big capital outlay and/or
  • Improved service life for undersized or aging Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors

Key Advantages of Extended Surface Area Bags 

  • No structural changes to the existing Pulse-Jet Baghouse footprint, saving on capital investment
  • Adds much-needed filtration area to undersized equipment, reducing the air-to-cloth ratio
  • Takes advantage of underutilized fan capacity, giving more throughput
  • Creates dust drop-out zones to eliminate filter erosion; reduces CAN velocity
  • Provides quantifiable ROI, lowering the cost of APC ownership

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