Engineered Filtration for Diverse Industrial Markets

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Industrial Engineered FiltrationRely on Micronics’ filtration expertise and in-depth technical knowledge in liquid/solid separation. Whether your applications are product-based, waste-based – or both – our engineered filtration solutions are the proven right choice. For instance, our patented feed devices and proprietary fabric styles will help keep your discharge levels in compliance with stringent regulations and your hauling and waste disposal costs low.

In addition to our industry-leading filter cloth selection and range of filter press options, our process optimization services are also a key to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your industrial filtration equipment.

We’ll look at whether cake moisture content can be further improved, whether cycle time can be improved, and how we can help you optimize filter plate/filter cloth selection to meet your process, energy, and waste minimization objectives.

Ask us about our experience in Plating, Metal Finishing, Commercial Laundry & Uniform Services, Wastewater Recycle, Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling, Lead Battery Recycling, Precious Metal Refining, Metal Refining wastes, and many more applications, including yours.

Feel free to also visit our helpful FAQ section here for answers to commonly asked questions.

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