Mining/Mineral Processing

Filtration Solutions for Improved Performance & Efficiency in Mining Press Operations

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Mineral ProcessingYou can rely on Micronics’ filtration expertise and deep technical knowledge in the mining and mineral processing industry. Micronics draws upon its years of experience in providing filter cloths, filter plates, and filter presses for all types of mining applications. We are a leading authority in:

  • Dewatering High-Volume Mine Tailings
  • Dewatering Mineral Concentrates Such as Copper, Zinc, Nickel, and Iron
  • Merrill-Crowe Process

NEW – Micronics is very pleased to announce a brand new filter press cloth tailored specifically for the mining industry, Micronics’ MINE-XLLTM Filter Cloth. The new heavyweight nylon filter press cloth offers many improvements over traditional polypropylene felted mining cloth including longer cloth lifetime, better cake release, greater mechanical resistance to abrasive, high-velocity mining slurries, less fabric blinding, and lower cake moisture.

Learn more about Micronics’ new nylon filter cloth for mining in this blog. Some mines have already achieved over 10,000 cycles without the need for filter cloth change-out.

Micronics has a proven track record of helping our mining customers improve operating efficiencies, increase productivity, and generate cost-savings.

Ishigaki Filter PressesContact us to learn more about our wide range of filtration solutions for mining and mineral processing, including our brand new filter press cloth product – – the MINE-XLLTM Filter Cloth – tailored to today’s mining applications, Micronics’ high-capacity, fully automatic filter presses, semi-automatic presses, and the LASTA MC by Ishigaki.

Mine Tailings Management Solutions (PDF)

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