Pressure Leaf Services

Metal filter leafs get damaged over time, but we can quickly repair and rebuild them and bring them back to your original performance specifications. Micronics can repair virtually any type of filter leaf on the market today. We have a group of highly trained and skilled workers with a combined 100+ years of experience working to repair your filter leafs. You are in good hands with Micronics.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group offers a variety of industry-leading Pressure Leaf Services including:

  • Pressure Leaf Repair and Rebuild Services
  • Pressure Leaf Recovery Services
  • Proprietary Pressure Leaf Cleaning Services
  • Field Services, Consulting & Operational Training

Pressure Leaf Repair and Rebuild Services

As a Total Engineered Filtration Solutions company, Micronics understands your applications and how repair and recovery of your filter leafs relate to the optimization of your filtration process. We won’t just work to make temporary repairs. We understand that repairs must be done properly to lower your cost of ownership and will work to make sure repairs are done correctly the first time. two pressure leaf filters

Our Repair Process

  • When your damaged filter leafs arrive at our facility, they are completely disassembled and each component is carefully inspected.
  • We will repair bent frames, weld or replace cracked channels or nozzles, replace damaged hubs and cores, and recover the filter leaf – all depending on the issues found in our initial inspection. We will consult with you to determine your precise pressure leaf filtration needs and make recommendations based on our inspection and your needs.
  • Your filter leafs sometimes need a completely new wire cloth. Tears and rips are a common issue in filter leaf screens. Cake bridging can cause damage to the filter leaf’s screen and bend the frames, greatly reducing performance.
  • We insure that all filter leafs are completely rebuilt to meet their original performance standards, and have the same warranty as a new leaf. Filter leafs are fully inspected before being re-crated and delivered promptly to your facility.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group also provides a full supply of Replacement Parts for your Pressure Leaf Filters.

Pressure Leaf Recovery Services

When your filter leaf bags or filter leaf covers become blinded or torn, it’s time for filter leaf recovering. Micronics can quickly replace your synthetic fabric bag or cover. Recovering of filter leafs can be done on an as-needed or scheduled basis. We will work with you to make sure your pressure leaf filter has minimum downtime as we recover your filter leafs quickly. Micronics offers a variety of technically-innovative filter media for Pressure Leaf Filters. pressure leaf filter outside

Pressure Leaf Cleaning Services

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group – and its NFM brand – has developed a proprietary combination of mechanical and chemical processes that restores high-performance flow characteristics to blinded leafs. Were it not for our proprietary leaf cleaning services, these leafs would have needed to undergo complete rebuilding and re-screening.

Our unique process allows customers to improve flow characteristics in leafs that structurally are in good shape but have begun to blind off and cause reduced production.

Micronics’ cleaning solution is food-grade acceptable, so there is no worry about the cleaning of pressure leafs that are commonly used in the food and beverage industries!

Field Services, Consulting, and Operational Training


Here is a partial list of the ways we can help with Pressure Leaf Filters:

  1. We provide full on-site Inspection of the Pressure Leaf filters, parts, and accessories to evaluate problems and provide solutions for all types and OEM filters.
  2. We provide onsite service for pressure leaf filters including center discharge rotary cleaning filters, chevron seal packing, and spray header maintenance.
  3. We provide troubleshooting services for all types of pressure leaf filters to determine if the problem is mechanical or operational.
  4. We provide mechanical training on-site and/or in a classroom environment for filter leaf maintenance. This includes center discharge rotary cleaning filters, filter leaves, chevron seal packing, and spray header maintenance.
  5. We provide operational training on-site and/or in a classroom environment.
  6. We provide industry-leading leaf cleaning services for your pressure leaf filters

    Contact Us to get in touch with a filtration expert who can help with all your on-site Pressure Leaf Filter Service needs – from repair and rebuild to cleaning at your location. We are your Total Engineered Filtration Solutions provider.

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