In-House Pressure Filtration Laboratory Services

Micronics is very pleased to offer expanded in-House Laboratory Services in its Chattanooga headquarters location. The proximity of our laboratory to our Filter Cloth manufacturing operations allows Micronics to swiftly analyze suitability of different cloths to meet customer needs. We offer slurry analysis, filter cake analysis, and perform bench-scale pilot tests which can be scaled to determine the optimal filter press sizing required for production-sized equipment. Micronics is proud to offer Membrane-Squeeze capabilities in its in-house laboratory.

You can trust Micronics for assistance with optimizing your current liquid-solid separation operations as well as planning for your innovative new projects. We are your Total Engineered Filtration Solutions provider.

In-House Laboratory Testing Capabilities that Micronics offers include:

Determining Best Filter Cloth for a Specific Customer Application

With Micronics’ In-House Laboratory Testing facilities, we are able to ensure the right filter press cloth is being recommended for each given application. Parameters that we evaluate in our laboratory include:

  • Filtration characteristics
  • Cake release
  • Solids capture/filtrate quality

Micronics can also do a complete evaluation on customers’ existing filter cloth to provide a performance comparison vs. our proposed Micronics brand filter cloth recommendations.

Slurry Analysis including Determining % Feed Solids

Performing Filter Cake Analysis including:

  • Determining filter cake % solids
  • Determining filter cake % moisture
  • Determining filter cake density
  • Determining Cycle time
  • Determining if standard recess chamber filtration or membrane squeeze is needed

Micronics works closely with customers to optimize their filter press operations, helping to reduce costs through lower moisture-content cakes. In instances where the filter cake is the waste, the lower the moisture content in the cakes, the lower the hauling costs. With press operations that produce high-solid cakes, the need for scraping and cleaning are minimized, saving customer operating teams on maintenance costs. Choosing the optimal filter cloth for your specific application is a key to getting excellent cake release, well-formed cakes, and lowering costs.

Using Micronics’ innovative MicroPress™ – its 150mm Industrial Bench-scale Filter Press – to determine a customer’s production-scale needs including:

  • Determining Cycle Time
  • Testing both 100 psi and 225 psi filter press applications
  • Recessed Chamber and Membrane Squeeze capabilities
  • Testing of Cake Blow capabilities for achieving potentially drier cakes
  • Determining if Pre-coat or body feed is necessary to improve dewaterability
  • Determining if Chemical Conditioning is necessary to improve dewaterability.

Micronics is able to perform multiple In-House Laboratory Tests to help to optimize a customer’s existing filter press system as well as perform tests to determine optimum press sizing for a customer’s future project.

Customers can also opt to purchase or rent Micronics’ 150mm bench-scale unit, the MicroPress™, and perform testing in their own facilities.

In addition to Micronics’ Liquid-Solid Separation In-House Laboratory Testing capabilities, Micronics also offers In-House Dry Filtration Testing Services, right in our Chattanooga location, as well as in our MS location.

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