In-House Vacuum Filtration Laboratory Services

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group’s Vacuum Filter Separations Laboratory provides expert services for of performing solid-liquid separation studies. These studies can support our Pilot Scale Equipment and customers’ operating filters. Industry-standard cake filtration procedures are followed to simulate commercial conditions, for continuous processes.

You can count on our technical expertise to optimize your process and reach your production goals.

Micronics will work with you to design a uniquely written lab procedure to simulate your process and produce results you can count on. The lab procedure is designed to develop a mass balance with specific operating setpoints, including prioritizing process targets such as cake moisture, cake purity, filtrate turbidity, and production rate. The technical report, to be presented after the completion of the lab or pilot study, typically presents the following filtration information:

Typical Mother Liquor Filtrate Quality

Typical Filter Cake Quality

  • Projected Mass Balance Model
  • Filter Fabric Selection
  • Cake Formation Curve
  • Cake Dewatering Curve, based on cake moisture, over time
  • Cake Washing Curve
  • Final Filter Cake and Filtrate Analysis
  • Projected Production Rate based on the optimized Cake Thickness
  • Porosity for Washing and/or Dewatering, meeting target cake quality and target cake moisture.
  • A formal Technical Report describing test methods, conclusions, and recommendations 

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