SOLAFT® Back Flush Filters for Diastar Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is a trusted leader in high-performance filtration fabrics for Alumina Refining such as our Diastar Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters. Our SOLAFT Back Flush Filters for Diastar Filters are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, delivering unequaled performance and reliability.

From Brazil to Australia, SOLAFT Back Flush Filters for Diastar Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are ideally suited to the demands of today’s Alumina industry. Our global team has extensive, long-standing technical expertise and application knowledge in Alumina.

SOLAFT® proudly joined the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group in December 2023.

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Features and Options for SOLAFT® Back Flush Filters

Fabric Options

Polypropylene, high-temperature polypropylene, and chemically-resistant nylon 12

Average Cycle Time

~ 1 hour

Operating Temperature

Able to withstand high slurry temperatures, e.g.
Temperatures of 98-105 degrees Celsius

Flow Rate

Able to endure high flow rates, ~86 m³/h

Key Advantages and Benefits:

  • Automated sewing provides a high degree of precision and accuracy in Diastar™ filter media, delivering repeatable and reliable quality for exacting Alumina Refining demands
  • Available in polypropylene, high-temperature polypropylene, and tough, chemically-resistant nylon 12
  • Our engineered weave patterns maximize liquor flow and extend filter life
  • Low-wicking / scaling cuffs are available
  • You can benefit from our extensive textile engineering expertise, in-house laboratories, and years of expertise in serving the Alumina industry
  • Addresses filtration issues including liquor flow rate, filtrate solids, ease of cleaning, scaling, and sewing thread integrity

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Our fabrics, constructions, and automated manufacturing processes help ensure that our SOLAFT Back Flush Filters are built to endure high flow rates, high slurry temperatures, and highly alkaline conditions. We design and manufacture our Back Flush Filters to deliver longer filter life and yield excellent filtration performance under harsh Alumina refining process operating conditions. We look forward to working with your team to elevate your Liquid Filtration performance.

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