High-Temperature Fabric Solutions for Pulse-Jet Baghouses

The acquisitions of SOLAFT® and AFT® significantly expanded Micronics’ portfolio of engineered filtration solutions to better serve customers’ baghouse filtration needs in industries such as cement, lime, coal-fired power utilities, energy from waste, co-generation, and mining & minerals, where the demand for High-Temperature technical felts, woven filter media, and membrane laminates is of paramount importance to maintaining environmental compliance with stringent emission requirements.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group offers a wide range of High-Temperature Filter Media options that will meet all environmental regulations including the stringent NESHAP. Some of our Fiberglass, Aramid, and PPS fabric solutions are discussed below.


AFT® MetaCleanTM

Our AFT® MetaCleanTM Fiberglass Filter Bags are well-suited to High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. These are a 20-oz. product that combines the best of fiberglass performance plus ePTFE membrane laminate. We know that reduced filter bag life in high-temperature baghouses is a major problem.

With AFT® MetaCleanTM Fiberglass Filter Bags, you will extend the life of your filter bags while operating at peak baghouse efficiency. Learn more in the Related Resources below.

AFT® PulseGuardTM

Our AFT® PulseGuardTM FiberGlass Filter Bags are well-suited to High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. They deliver excellent pulse cycle tolerance, increased tolerance to flex fatigue, and excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals. Learn more in the Related Resources below.

PrimaThermSOLAFT® PrimaTherm™

Our SOLAFT® PrimaTherm™ products represent a new generation of high-temperature filter media for cement, power generation, steel, and alumina baghouses. PrimaTherm™ uses a proprietary blend of bi-lobal, multi-lobal, and electret fibers in polymers resistant to high-temperature operations and providing lower emission outcomes. Learn more on the SOLAFT® PrimaTherm™ page and in Related Resources below. 


Our aramid felt filter media are another option for High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. They are strong, deliver excellent abrasion resistance, and are good for applications up to ~400 oF. Learn more about one of our hydro-entangled felt aramid filter bags, our AFT® H Aramid Filter Bags, in the Related Resources below.


Our PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) filter media are an extremely stable option for High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses where excellent resistance to alkalis is required along with excellent abrasion resistance.  Learn more about our AFT® H PPS Filter Bags for utilities/power, waste-to-energy, cement kilns, asphalt, biomass, and other industrial baghouses in the Related Resources below.


Talk to our filtration experts about the best-engineered filtration solutions for your high-temperature baghouses. With the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group and strong brands – SOLAFT, AFT, NFM, Filterfab, CPE, UPC, and SFM – we’ll help you maintain regulatory compliance, reduce operating costs, and eliminate unplanned outages.

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