High-Temperature Fabric Solutions for Pulse-Jet Baghouses

The acquisitions of SOLAFT and AFT significantly expanded Micronics’ portfolio of engineered filtration solutions to better serve customers’ baghouse filtration needs in industries such as cement, lime, coal-fired power utilities, energy from waste, co-generation, and mining & minerals, where the demand for High-Temperature technical felts, woven filter media, and membrane laminates is of paramount importance to maintaining environmental compliance with stringent emission requirements.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group offers a wide range of High-Temperature Filter Media options that will meet all environmental regulations including the stringent NESHAP. Some of our Fiberglass, Aramid, and PPS fabric solutions are discussed below.


AFT® MetaCleanTM

Our AFT® MetaCleanTM Fiberglass Filter Bags are well-suited to High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. These are a 20-oz. product that combines the best of fiberglass performance plus ePTFE membrane laminate. We know that reduced filter bag life in high-temperature baghouses is a major problem.

With AFT MetaCleanTM Fiberglass Filter Bags, you will extend the life of your filter bags while operating at peak baghouse efficiency. Learn more in the Related Resources below.

AFT® PulseGuardTM

Our AFT PulseGuardTM FiberGlass Filter Bags are well-suited to High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. They deliver excellent pulse cycle tolerance, increased tolerance to flex fatigue, and excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals. Learn more in the Related Resources below.

PrimaThermSOLAFT® PrimaTherm™

Our SOLAFT PrimaTherm™ products represent a new generation of high-temperature filter media for cement, power generation, steel, and alumina baghouses. PrimaTherm™ uses a proprietary blend of bi-lobal, multi-lobal, and electret fibers in polymers resistant to high-temperature operations and providing lower emission outcomes. Learn more on the SOLAFT PrimaTherm™ page and in Related Resources below. 


Our aramid felt filter media are another option for High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses. They are strong, deliver excellent abrasion resistance, and are good for applications up to ~400 oF. Learn more about one of our hydro-entangled felt aramid filter bags, our AFT® H Aramid Filter Bags, in the Related Resources below.


Our PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) filter media are an extremely stable option for High-Temperature Pulse-Jet Baghouses where excellent resistance to alkalis is required along with excellent abrasion resistance.  Learn more about our AFT® H PPS Filter Bags for utilities/power, waste-to-energy, cement kilns, asphalt, biomass, and other industrial baghouses in the Related Resources below.


Talk to our filtration experts about the best-engineered filtration solutions for your high-temperature baghouses. With the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group and strong brands – SOLAFT, AFT, NFM, Filterfab, CPE, UPC, and SFM – we’ll help you maintain regulatory compliance, reduce operating costs, and eliminate unplanned outages.

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