Aggregates, Asphalt and Cement

Advanced Filtration Systems That Reduce Operating Costs

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Advanced Filtration Systems

800 mm Electro/Hydraulic Rollbar Filter Press

Aggregates such as crushed stone, sand, and gravel are a part of the broad category of coarse particulate materials used in the highly cost-competitive construction industry. At Micronics, we understand that efficient filter press operations are an important tool in helping to reduce the transportation and disposal costs associated with waste products. We also understand that to reduce operating costs, you are looking to achieve dryer filter cakes, while using less chemicals.

Micronics offers a range of advanced filtration systems and components. Our filter press designs for both sidebar and overhead presses are specially designed to meet your specific objectives, as we know there is no one-size-fits all design solution for all plants. We offer a range of options including automatic cloth washing, hydraulic plate shifters, and semi-automatic plate shifters, depending upon your requirements.

Filter cloth is a key ingredient in optimizing filter press operations and Micronics truly excels here. Our relationships with several word-class weavers offer us unrivaled opportunities to win your trust and your business.

Whether in construction aggregates, asphalt paving materials production, or cement production, cost is king, coupled with quality and reliability. We strive to build strong relationships in this industry, providing our customers with lowest overall operational costs. Yet, we don’t shy away when challenged to provide lowest initial costs.

Contact us to discuss on-site pilot-scale testing with our test equipment that can be used for filter cloth optimization, evaluating improvements to an existing process, testing feasibility of a new process, as well as filter press sizing and scalability.

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