SOLAFT® Vacuum Pan Filters

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is a trusted leader in high-performance Liquid Filtration products and services for the needs of demanding industries such as Alumina refineries. One of the last steps in Alumina production is the de-liquoring and washing of the alumina hydrate and Vacuum Pan Filters are typically used here.

Our SOLAFT Vacuum Pan Filters are fabricated to deliver superior liquid filtration performance in highly caustic Alumina refining environments. We manufacture in state-of-the-art global facilities, with attention to detail that guarantees high quality and reliability. Our Vacuum Pan Filters can be found in Alumina Refineries with various OEMs’ innovative Pan Filter equipment.

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Options for SOLAFT Vacuum Pan Filters

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Fabric Options

Available in polypropylene and nylon

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Single-layer weave patterns with backing cloths and inventive multiple-layer weaves for enhanced performance

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Filter Media

High quality monofilament media

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Single-layer weave patterns with backing cloths and inventive multiple-layer weaves for improving filtration results
  • We use high-quality monofilament media for best washing results and excellent filtration performance
  • Suitable for caulked panels, rotary tables, tilting pans, and steam hood applications
  • Laser-cut for accuracy and repeatability
  • We tailor our products to meet your precise needs to improve efficiencies, extend filter service life, resist abrasion, and resist scaling.


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Like all Micronics filtration products, our SOLAFT Vacuum Pan Filters are designed and crafted using premium materials and cutting-edge fabrication equipment, delivering exceptional durability and performance for the demanding alumina refining industry globally. We aim to help you increase efficiencies, lower maintenance costs, and address various filtration challenges including liquor pooling, cake washing effectiveness, cleanability, cake discharge, soda recovery scaling, abrasion, and wear resistance. We look forward to working with your team to help elevate your Liquid Filtration performance.

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