About Micronics

High Quality, Cost-Effective Liquid Filtration Products and Services

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Micronics is an expert in liquid/solid separation and worldwide provider of high-quality wet filtration products and services.

Effective August 31, 2020, Micronics’ global headquarters has relocated from Portsmouth, NH to conveniently-located Chattanooga, TN, USA where our state-of-the-art U.S. Filter Media Manufacturing facility is located!

Micronics is a worldwide authority on filter cloth, a key ingredient to optimizing any filter press application. Micronics helps customers across a range of demanding industries reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies, and extend the life of their filtration equipment. Micronics was incorporated in 1983 and founded by Barry Hibble.

Micronics has a global footprint with manufacturing facilities both in the United States – serving customers in North America and Latin America – and in the United Kingdom, serving customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mr. Hibble sold the Company to Los Angeles, CA-based private equity firm, Vance Street Capital (VSC) in 2013.

Key Markets and Applications served by Micronics include:

Customers rely on Micronics’ technical knowledge and prompt, reliable consultations for their unique filtration applications. We have the technical expertise, global manufacturing facilities, and the support capabilities you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Micronics is a full-service provider of filtration products and services including filter cloth; filter presses; filter plates; replacement parts/accessories; preventative maintenance; filter press repair/refurbishment; Installation, start-up & commissioning support; process improvement recommendations; on-site technical service for all brands of filter presses, and more.

Filtration Product Line

  • Filter Cloth – Full range of woven and non-woven, felted materials, tailored to each customer’s demanding application. High-quality Replacement Filter Cloth for Mining, Mineral Processing, Pigments, Surface Finishing/Plating, Battery Recycling, Chemical Manufacturing, Frac Sand, Laundry, Edible Oils, Sugar Beet Processing, Mash filtration, Winemaking, FGD Wastewater, Industrial wastewater reuse, and many more applications.
  • Filter Presses – Full range of filtration capacities from high-capacity, fully-automatic presses (1000mm – 2000mm+) to medium-capacity, semi-automatic presses (630mm and 800mm), to small, manual low-capacity units; standard and custom designs. We are the exclusive distributor in North and South America of LASTA MC (Ishigaki) filter presses for the mining & mineral processing industries. Test Presses include our novel 150mm bench-scale MicroPress, available for sale or for rent.
  • Filter Press Plates – Comprehensive range of filter plate types and materials.
  • Filter Press Replacement Parts & Subsystems – Automated cloth washing systems; automatic hydraulic plate shifter systems; semi-automatic, pneumatic plate shifter systems; power packs; drip trays; and more.
  • Services – Filter press repairs, preventative maintenance services, filter press refurbishment, on-site technical support and troubleshooting, slurry testing, system optimization, installation, start-up, and commissioning of filter presses.