Chemical Manufacturing

Filtration Solutions for Pigments, Chemicals, Paints & Chemical Manufacturing

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Chemical Manufacturing

1200 mm Electro/Hydraulic Filter Press showing Membrane Squeeze hoses coming out of the squeeze manifold

Whether you are in inorganic chemicals, plastic, resins or paints, pigments & dyes, Micronics is a highly trusted engineered filtration brand. You can rely upon Micronics’ filtration expertise and technical knowledge in chemical manufacturing.

Did You Know that we are proven experts in filter press and filter cloth for innovative color solutions?

Micronics offers you specially-designed, coated, and highly retentive woven fabrics to improve process yields and reduce cycle times, allowing you to get the most out of your existing filtration equipment.

Our patented “Clip Neck” design has become an industry-standard, when cake washing and easy filter cloth change-out are important.

Contact us to learn more about Micronics’ engineered filtration solutions for your demanding chemical manufacturing & pigment applications. You may also visit our frequently asked questions section for answers to commonly asked filtration-related questions.

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