Your baghouse is an investment in your operation and the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group recommends that you protect and pre-condition the filter bags and cartridges in your system with our filter aid.

Precoat filter aid is a dry, chemically-inert, and non-toxic powder that does not support combustion. When introduced into the gas stream of your baghouse, it coats and conditions the fabric filters, promoting maximum efficiency and effectiveness. It can be used at “start-up,” creating the initial dust cake layer, or as a continuous injection treatment to minimize effects of process upsets that could affect filter performance and life. It absorbs moisture, oils, and hydrocarbons, complies with OSHA and FDA standards, and aids uniform, 3D, porous cake formation.

Learn more below and read a recent technical blog here on the importance of pre-coat in a coal-fired boiler baghouse.

Benefits of our Precoat Filter Aid include:

  • Aids dust collection efficiencies
  • Enhances fabric filter life and performance
  • Optimizes air flow
  • Lowers operating costs

Our precoat filter aid is available in 25 lb. bags, 300 lb. super sacks, and via truckload for large installations.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is capable of both supplying the filter aid as well as injecting it into your baghouse’s gas stream.

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