Comparison of Overhead Beam & Sidebar Filter Presses for Large, High Throughput Applications

Friday, October 9, 2020
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Overhead Beam Filter Press

In the filtration industry, you don’t typically hear as much about ‘Overhead Beam Filter Presses’ as you do about ‘Sidebar Filter Presses.’ Micronics is an expert in both Sidebar press technology and Overhead Beam press technology. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

In this blog we will cover some of the potential design advantages of both Sidebar Filter Presses and Overhead (OH) Beam Filter Presses. Each may be applicable for liquid-solid separation in high-throughput applications where large slurry volumes are being processed. Large-scale applications include chemical manufacturing operations, mining, frac sand, aggregates, and concrete plants to name a few.

All Micronics filter presses have rugged, heavy-duty design, construction & operation. Micronics filter presses – sidebar and overhead – offer high-reliability for the most rigorous, high- throughput dewatering applications. Micronics presses are designed for operator safety. Our Sidebar & OH presses include numerous advanced safety systems/features such as fixed safety guards and safety light curtains to protect the operator(s).

It is important to state clearly that Micronics doesn’t advocate for one filter press technology over another. Micronics experts work with each client to understand the operating conditions to determine the best fit for that situation: sometimes it is Sidebar filter press technology, sometimes it is Overhead press technology.

Typical plate sizes for high-throughput, high-performance dewatering applications are 1200mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm plates.

1500mm Sidebar Filter Press

Micronics Sidebar Filter Press Design Advantages

  • Easy access to the top of the plates for filter cloth changing, inspections & filter plate removal. With Sidebar filter presses, the plates are typically easier to physically remove than with Overhead presses.
  • Sidebar technology can be a less expensive option than Overhead Beam presses as construction of the press is typically easier and lighter weight.
  • The Sidebars on the filter press act as a barrier or guide for cake falling into the opening under the press
  • Sidebars offer easy access to the plate shifter and cloth washer for easy maintenance and cleaning or just viewing the operation of each.
  • The Filter Press Skeleton is supported from heavy duty sidebar for a rugged, robust design

Micronics Overhead Beam Filter Press Design Advantages

  • Sidebar Press InstallationPlates are hung from plate hangers, allowing for full side access to the plates and cloths for viewing during operation & easy maintenance. With the Overhead design, cloth changeout does not require plate removal.
  • Plate shifting from the top of the plates, keeping the shifting mechanism free from falling debris, etc.
  • The Overhead Press Skeleton is supported from top and bottom by beams/bars for a rugged, robust design
  • The choice between an Overhead “Compression Close” and Overhead “Tension Close”
  • Moving parts are well-guarded from potentially corrosive, abrasive slurries, important for ensuring long-term press performance

Micronics offers both of the following Overhead models:

  • Automatic Twin Beam Overhead Model
  • Manual Overhead Filter Press Model

With our Automatic Twin Beam Overhead model, twin overhead plate support beams support the filter plate pack and tail plate on non-twisting, self-aligning hangers. The plates are moved via overhead hydraulic shifters.

Our Manual Overhead Filter Press Model does not require automatic filter plate shifters. The framework and plate hangar system for the Manual Overhead Model are slightly more expensive than a Sidebar Filter Press. One person can easily move the filter plates with this particular model.

Broad Portfolio of Micronics Filter Presses – Sidebar and Overhead Beam, Vacuum Filter Presses, Test Presses, and Small-Medium Presses

Micronics has a broad portfolio of filter presses – both Sidebar and Overhead Beam – to meet clients’ diverse requirements. Micronics manufactures outstanding large-capacity filter presses in the 1200mm x 1200mm, 1500mm x 1500mm, and 2000mm x 2000mm range (600 cubic foot capacity) in-house in our Dover, NH, USA manufacturing facility and in our UK manufacturing facility.

Vacuum Filter Presses

Micronics offers state-of-the-art Vacuum Filter Presses for much drier filter cakes. Our “VP” Vacuum Filter Presses use heated water and vacuum coupled with a patented vacuum-to-atmosphere control, resulting in quicker cycle times than conventional vacuum systems.

Small-Medium-Size Presses, Many In-Stock

Micronics offers a full-range of small and medium-size filter presses in the 470mm, 630mm, 800mm, and 1000mm range, including models which are in-stock and ready-to-ship.

Bench-scale Test Press

Micronics also offer our compact ~100 pound MicroPress™, a 150mm bench-scale test press that we rent, sell, and rent-to-own, for expert on-site slurry testing in advance of diving into a full-scale press project. This is proving to be a game-changer for so many clients across diverse applications.

Our Territory Sales Managers & Engineering team are excellent resources to explore the right Filter Press model, size/capacity, plate options, automation, and other options for your specific requirements.

Contact us to explore whether a Micronics Sidebar or Overhead Beam Filter Press is right for your high-throughput application. Micronics has the filtration expertise to assist with your demanding applications.