Is an Explosion-Proof Filter Press Right for Your Operation?

Monday, June 26, 2017
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Mobile Filter Press

Micronics offers both stationary and mobile explosion-proof filter press designs. Pictured here is a rugged mobile, 1200 mm, 132 cubic ft. Explosion-proof filter press with an automatic cloth washer, safety light curtain, and integral conveyor. Our mobile explosion-proof presses provide the operational flexibility you need with the features and benefits you can count on.

If you are in the chemicals, hydrocarbons, drilling fluid products, fracking, and other varied industries, you may need a robust, corrosion-resistant design with highly-reliable dewatering & safe performance. You may also need an explosion-proof design. No worries… Micronics excels in specialty filter press applications such as our explosion-proof filter presses.

Micronics designs and manufacturers explosion-proof filtration equipment for operation in hazardous, potentially explosive locations (HazLocs). These filter presses feature non-incendive equipment, intrinsically-safe components, and air-purged enclosures to prevent electrical ignition where flammable materials are present. We offer our explosion-proof filter presses both as stationery and mobile units.

Explosion-Proof Filter Press

Benefit from the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group’s knowledge of US and international explosion-proof standards, informing our filter press design choices.

Did you know that with an air purged enclosure, clean dry air slightly pressurizes the enclosure, ensuring that it is the clean, dry air that leaks OUT of the enclosure rather than flammable gas and dust leaking INTO the enclosure? When you purchase a Micronics explosion-proof filter press, it means that your filter press will not ignite flammable gas or dust that may be surrounding the press, even if there were to be an internal spark, flash or other failure within the press or its components. Not all press manufacturers can make this claim.

What about regulatory compliance? Our explosion-proof filter press equipment is compliant with all the relevant US and international standards including ANSI, NFPA, IECEx: IEC 60079, ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, Inmetro, GOST & other explosion-protective standards.

Explosion Proof Filter Presses

Micronics can supply its specialty Explosion-proof Filter Presses with safety features such as insulation on the on the process piping to meet high-temperature requirements and explosion-proof valves.

Filter Plates & Much More to Go with Our Explosion-Proof Presses
Many clients with explosion-proof design requirements, also have high-temperature requirements and Micronics’ specialty filter presses can be supplied with custom, plate-and-frame stainless steel filter plates. Micronics pays careful attention to all the details such as providing insulation on the process piping as a safety feature to protect operators from incidental contact with hot components. To meet high-temperature and explosion-proof requirements, Micronics may utilize custom bronze cams for the shifter carriages in order to eliminate the possibility of sparking from metal-to-metal contact.

Other applications may call for antistatic plates or filter cloth with grounding threads woven into the fabric. There is no formula for all explosion-proof filter press situations. It is reassuring to know that, if you are dealing with hazardous, potentially explosive conditions, Micronics will help you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right filter press, cloth, and plates to meet your demanding requirements SAFELY.

Contact us and benefit from our top-notch sales & applications engineering team’s expertise. Explosion-proof filter presses are just one area in which Micronics’ years of filtration experience, familiarity with the explosion-protective standards, and responsiveness really shine. We are committed to your success.