Is A Stainless Steel Clad Filter Press Right for My Application?

Friday, September 29, 2017
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Stainless Steel Filter PressThe Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has long-standing expertise in stainless steel, both with solid stainless steel filter frames and presses entirely clad in high-quality stainless steel.

We also provide filter presses with stainless steel liner pipes and sanitary tri-clamp connections.

Every operating environment is different but some major reasons to specify a filter press clad in stainless steel include corrosion-resistance and preventing any paint or potential corrosion from getting into the filter cake itself. Did you know that while some suppliers may use 304 stainless steel, use of 316 stainless steel is a superior choice for corrosion resistance, particularly against chlorides or chlorinated solutions?

Applications for our stainless steel filter press solutions are broad-ranging and include many food-grade applications, chemical additives, water treatment, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and many more applications across a range of sizes and styles.

Steel Clad Filter PressPictured here is a small stainless steel sidebar filter press with manual shifting. It is fabricated from grade 316 Stainless steel and satin-polished. The drip tray is similarly fabricated from grade 316 SS and satin-polished. Micronics pays attention to all the details, depending upon each customer’s precise requirement, and this may also include use of a hygienic stainless steel air-operated diaphragm pump. Innovation is at the core of Micronics’ filter press designs.

In addition, as part of its broad-based liquid-solid filtration expertise, Micronics may also provide customers with special food-grade filter cloth and food-grade filter plate packs, expertly selected for the customer’s application.

Contact us to learn more about whether stainless steel is right for your application. We are also happy to discuss our polypropylene-clad filtration solutions, which may be suited to your food-grade or corrosion-resistant needs.