Filter Press and Filter Cloth Solutions for Pigments & Dyes

Monday, June 19, 2017
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Color Pigments

Micronics’ filtration solutions enable and celebrate color whether with paints, coatings, pigments or dyes.

Micronics is proud to be an enabler of filtration solutions that celebrate color. For sure, color is central to what the eyes take delight in and dyes and pigments are the substances that can impart such colors to a material. (Fun fact: Did you know that male cardinals and other magnificent birds have these gorgeous, eye-popping pigments naturally, largely through the ingestion of carotenoid-rich fruits and seeds? Their deep red plumage is even more brilliant in the breeding season.)

Pigments and dyes are widely used in a host of industries including textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paint, ink, paper, and photography. The major difference between dyes and pigments is around solubility. Pigments are insoluble powdered substances that are mixed with a liquid in coating materials such as paint and ink. Pigments may be black, white, colored, or fluorescent particulate solids which are insoluble in the substrate it is incorporated in. A pigment retains its particulate structure throughout the coloration process.

On the other hand, dyes are intensely colored or fluorescent organic substances which impart color to a substrate by selective absorption of light. They are soluble and thus dissolve in the application medium, usually water.

Filter Presses for Pigment Applications:
Micronics offers a complete range of automatic – fully automatic and semi-automatic – filter press solutions for a variety of pigment applications from azo pigments to ruby red, blues, yellows, and rutile pigments. Pigment processing usually involves a chemical reaction to precipitate metal oxides from solvent slurries, a classic liquid-solid separation, wherein the solid cake that is formed is the valuable pigment product.

Titanium Dioxide

Dewatering high solids titanium dioxide slurries is just one pigment application for which Micronics’ is providing advanced filter press solutions. Contact us to learn more.

For instance, titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an extremely important white pigment contributing to brightness, whiteness, and opacity in white paint films; dewatering a high solids titanium dioxide slurry is just one pigment application that lends itself very well to Micronics’ advanced filter press solutions. Micronics’ experts will consult on your application to optimize cycle time and required percent solids, ensure proper equipment sizing, assist with pilot testing, selection of controls, and optional equipment selection such as our automatic filter cloth washers, drip trays, safety light curtains, cake deflector shields, etc. We offer you a choice of filter plates to optimize performance such as our membrane squeeze plates.

Filter Cloth for Pigment Applications:
Micronics can not only ensure the best filter press options such as mixed pack membrane overhead beam and sidebar automatic filter presses but also filter cloth media selection that will help with:

  • Excellent retention and cake release
  • Prevention of plugging
  • Excellent filter cloth life
  • Optimal product recovery
Filter Cloth Pigment

Pictured here is a polyester filter cloth on a recessed, center feed plate in a yellow pigments plant. Micronics’ filter cloth is selected to provide for excellent cake release, optimal product recovery, and long filter cloth life for a host of demanding color applications.

Some of the filter cloth materials we offer for pigments applications include polypropylene, polyester, heavy weight 16-19 oz. materials, and high thread count, twill weave fabric. Time and time again, we hear from customers that they may not be using the right filter cloth for their application and need our expertise.

Each application is different and Micronics will work with you to customize the highest quality filter cloth precisely to your needs.

We look forward to helping bring your color-based applications to life – whether with pigments, dyes, paints or coatings – with our pressure filtration solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our standard and custom filtration solutions for pigments and dyes. Peter and the team stand ready to serve your needs.