Need Cost-Savings in your Filter Press Operation?: Conversion from CGR to Convenient, Easy-to-Install Non-Gasketed (NG) Filter Press Cloth Delivers Savings

Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Micronics CGR to NG Conversion

The Challenge

Are you frustrated by the time-consuming process of installing traditional CGR-style filter cloth on your filter plates? You are not alone.

Most of our clients express this frustration if they are utilizing CGR-style cloth, notably because of the considerable time required to change-out CGR cloths. A single CGR cloth for a 630mm press can take up to 20 minutes to remove and replace with a new filter press cloth.

The Solution

Velcro Side Tab

Converting from CGR-style filter cloth to non-gasketed (NG) filter cloth with VELCRO®

Micronics’ high-quality NG filter press cloths are common in chemical manufacturing and pigment plants, as shown here.

Micronics is constantly looking for ways to help our customers improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and extend the life of their filtration equipment. We have worked with clients across numerous industries from chemical manufacturing to pigments to wastewater treatment including – metal hydroxides, automotive, commercial laundries, and metal processing plants – to help in realizing labor savings on cloth change-outs by switching from traditional CGR to NG filter cloth.

What’s more, NO plate modification is required – keeping the existing plate O-ring installed – so it is a smart, very efficient solution to improving your filter press operations.

Some benefits of using NG-style filter cloth include:

Easy Filter Cloth Changeout with Micronics NG Cloth

It’s much easier and faster to install!Installation with NG cloth is much simpler and more hassle-free than using CGR cloth with hammers. No special tools are required to install Micronics’ non-gasketed filter press cloths. If your press operation does not have the onsite labor to do these time-consuming cloth changeouts, converting to non-CGR cloth is a winning solution.

More press up time – Installation time for a typical 630mm press plate can be reduced from 20 minutes to ~2 minutes with Micronics’ expertly-crafted NG filter cloth

Use of NG cloth prevents problems associated with poor CGR installation technique. There are many videos out there – including Micronics’ own videos – that show proper CGR cloth installation but, let’s face it: operator error with CGR filter cloth is very common. For instance, sometimes hammering results in uneven material distribution with extra material scrunched up at the end. Poor CGR installation can result in press performance issues!

Use of VELCRO® fasteners provides a lapping joint which has superior strength and keeps the filter cloth correctly aligned throughout the many months of the cloth’s life.

Use of VELCRO® fasteners makes for easy cloth repositioning or releasing for plate inspections or adjustments.

Chemical manufacturing companies often prefer the use of VELCRO® with their Non-Gasketed cloth to avoid even the remote possibility of plastic parts falling into the product. However, VELCRO® is not the only attachment method.

NG Filter Cloth Ziptie Installation

This image shows attachment of non-gasketed cloth using grommets and zip-ties.

Many clients successfully convert away from CGR filter-cloth to non-gasketed filter cloth utilizing grommets and zip-ties to attach to the plates. This will still save considerable time vs. hammering in the CGR cloth and NO plate modification is needed.

NG Filter Cloth Plates

The Result

Velcro Ziptie Attachment

In this press, NG cloth with Velcro® attachment is shown side-by-side next to attachment with zip ties

Savings can be 30 hours per changeout on 1200mm presses and filter cloth changeouts on a 1200mm press require two people. Assuming a contractor labor rate of $75/hour, this equates to $4500 savings per change-out. If cloth is changed out 4x per year, this is a saving of $18,000 per year just by making this simple change! This doesn’t even account for the press performance issues often associated with poor CGR installation technique!

Cost-savings will, of course, depend on the size of the filter press and the number of operators/techs required to do the cloth changeouts.

Micronics’ field sales personnel are happy to work with you to begin realizing these cost savings in your press operation. Whatever the make/model of your filter press, Micronics can help you in optimizing your dewatering operations.

Optimization in working with Micronics includes everything from material selection tailored specifically for your process to solutions such as our NG replacement cloths – with a Latex edge sealant applied to the edge of the NG cloth to help prevent wicking. We offer our NG filter press cloth in a range of sizes including 470mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm.

Contact us and see why Micronics Engineered Filtration offers the best filter press cloth options out there. We’ve got you covered.