ePTFE Membrane

The Micronics Engineered Filtration team offers high-quality filter bags in a range of fabrics like aramids, fiberglass, polyester, PPS, and P-84, depending on your specific baghouse needs. Our filtration experts will help you choose the right filter bag measurements, construction, and determine whether a special finish is called for to optimize your dust collector’s performance. One of the many finishes that Micronics offers is known as an ePTFE membrane or membrane laminate.

Learn more below about when an ePTFE Membrane Laminate may be the right solution for your Baghouse Air Pollution Control application.

What Is An ePTFE Membrane? 

“ePTFE” stands for expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and it is a microporous membrane that is bonded to the filtration side of the media to enhance fleer bag performance. Enhanced operating performance with ePTFE membrane laminate may include enhanced emissions control, better bag cleaning, higher collection efficiency, and reduced energy costs.

Basically, when we select an ePTFE membrane laminate finish for your filter bag, it keeps the particulate out of the bag’s fabric, which helps to extend filter bag life in your baghouse and minimize the need for more frequent bag changeouts.

What About Suitability for High-Heat or Chemically Aggressive Environments? 

When it comes to thermal and chemical compatibility, the substrate is the determining factor in the media selection process. For instance, in an application with inlet gas temperature consistently above 275°F, the ePTFE membrane may be laminated to PPS, Aramid, P-84, or Fiberglass.

Tip:  It is important that you utilize the proper fabric best suited to your specific operating conditions and understand the full make-up of your gas stream, including hydrocarbons, as this may impact the ability to use ePTFE in your process.

Micronics doesn’t just supply filter bags: we are Total Engineered Filtration Solutions providers and you can count on our experts to help you with the emissions requirements for your dust collector, industry, and dust type. Micronics has experience in supporting customers in a vast variety of markets and applications.

High Durability/High-Efficiency ePTFE Membrane Helps Meet EPA Requirements (PM2.5, MACT, NESHAP) and Will Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with:

  • Lower operating Differential Pressure (DP)
  • The longer effective life cycle of bags and pleated bags
  • Aiding in recovery from upset conditions such as moisture, boiler tube leaks, etc.
  • Providing a chemical barrier to particulate matter
  • Offering full dust collection efficiency upon start-up as a result of high initial efficiency
  • Reducing the consumption of cleaning air
  • Generating fan energy savings
  • Higher throughput capabilities, reducing capital costs as a smaller dust collector can match the dust collection demand

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