AFT® PulseGuard™ Fiberglass Filter Bags

When it comes to air pollution control and ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations, the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is your trusted baghouse solutions partner. We manufacture a wide range of high-quality filter bags for all baghouses, industries, and dust types.

Our AFT® PulseGuard™ Filter Bags are explicitly designed to capture particulates at a sub-micron level without experiencing the effects of flex fatigue, typical with traditional woven fiberglass products. Flex fatigue, which can shorten filter bag life, is the cyclic bending of the fiber strands within the fiber bundles. Higher than normal differential pressure, coupled with more frequent pulsing and elevated pulse pressure, are the primary causes of flex fatigue.

Specifically, our AFT® PulseGuardTM filter bags use woven fiberglass laminated with AFTmTM ePTFE membrane and have been tested with millions of filter bags over the last decade. The use of AFTmTM ePTFE membrane provides superior filtration efficiency with a surface structure sized to capture sub-micron particulates. The increased tolerance of our AFT® PulseGuardTM to flex fatigue makes the filter fabric more durable without losing performance. It’s also an ideal solution in applications where the high air/cloth ratio cannot be reduced.

The ePTFE membrane surface can retain a greater amount of particulate than any other filter media style, while the inherent porosity allows a higher gas flow rate without increasing the overall differential pressure (DP) of the system. The low dust penetration into the media, coupled with this ability to better shed dust from the media surface, makes our AFTmTM ePTFE membrane the best choice in some of the most demanding applications.

Key benefits of AFT® PulseGuardTM include:

  • Extended filter bag life due to its increased tolerance to flex fatigue
  • Superior filtration efficiency
  • Lower operating costs and total cost of ownership

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