Beer and Wine Filtration Solutions & More

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Wine and Beer

Micronics offers a variety of filtration solutions for winemaking and beer brewing including high-quality filter cloth and FDA-compliant systems for lees filtration and mash filtration.

Solid-liquid separation is employed in many industries from chemical manufacturing to dewatering of mineral concentrates in mining operations. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group offers liquid filtration & dry filtration expertise for a wide range of industries including diverse food and beverage industry applications such as:

  • Beer brewing including microbreweries (mash filtration)
  • Wine making (lees filtration)
  • Distilled malt liquors
  • Sugar refining
  • Corn syrup
  • Vegetable oil production (edible oils such as palm oil)
  • Krill oil production
  • Flour
  • Starch
  • Yeast
PP Filter ClothPolyester Filter Cloth

Micronics offer customers a wide range of filter cloth fabrics tailored for your specific operating conditions including innovative polypropylene monofilament/multifilament satin weaves, polypropylene mono/mono cloth, polyester filter cloth, filter cloth with grounding threads woven into the material, solutions for mash filtration, and solutions for “lees” filtration.

Did you know that Micronics offers specialized filter cloth for breweries? Micronics also designs and produces FDA-compliant systems for mash filtration to replace the traditional “lauter tuns,” thus helping decrease brew time batch-to-batch and helping customers recover more wort.

Mash Filter Press

Micronics Mash Filter Used in the Brewing Industry

Micronics is a long-standing, valued supplier to wineries and our filter cloth and filter press solutions are an extremely important tool for the filtration of “lees” which are the heavy solids such as the dead yeast cells, grape seeds, pulp, stems, skins, and tartrates that separate from the juice during the winemaking process.

We are pioneering innovators in welded HPR feed necks which provide improved filter cloth performance, improved abrasion resistance, no product losses, and improved cake release. Learn more about Micronics’ proprietary, patented welded feed necks in this blog post.

Whatever your food & beverage industry processing needs, Micronics’ proven liquid-solid separation expertise ensures consistent lot-to-lot quality, regulatory compliance, energy management, waste management & cost control for your filter press operations.

Contact Micronics to ensure that you have the right filter cloth needed for your food and beverage production facilities and ask us about our custom filtration equipment for your operation, whether you are making 4000 cases of red wine per year, producing organic coconut oil, safflower oil or palm oil, or getting ready for Oktoberfest.