You Can’t Beat Micronics’ Sweet Filtration Expertise in Sugar Beet Processing

Monday, March 19, 2018
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Sugar Beet Processing

Micronics is a proud supplier of leading-edge filter press solutions to the sugar industry including refining of sugar beets and filtering cane sugar.

Did you know that sugar beets are a root crop and represent over half of US sugar production? A mature sugar beet weights 2-5 pounds and contains about 18% sucrose. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group brings you unparalleled applications expertise including demanding industries like the recovery of sugar syrup in sugar beet processing.

If you are experiencing challenges with your sugar syrup recovery, there could be many possibilities that can contribute to thinner cakes or poor washing efficiency. Let our pressure filtration experts help you optimize your sugar beet refining process.

Here are just some of the products and services Micronics provides:

  • Filter Cloth – We’ll help you in ensuring your plant is using the best filter cloths for your company’s sugar beet processing campaigns. The filter cloths are the key foundation to excellent filter press operations. You can trust Micronics.
  • Expert Technical Service & Support – We’ll help you implement a regular Filter Press Maintenance Program to ensure optimum productivity during sugarbeet processing campaigns. Our technical experts will walk through all aspects of your process and fine tune everything from the cloth to plates, membranes, plate shifting system, etc. It’s all the details that make a difference in your productivity.
  • Refurbishment of your existing Filter Presses
  • New fully automatic Filter Presses to ensure you have the capacity reserves for your sugar beet operations with options including stainless steel construction, double-end feed, “bomb bay” doors, fully automatic plate shifter, automatic cloth washing system, advanced safety features, and more.

Did you know that Micronics supplies filter cloth, and parts & accessories for ALL makes/models/brands of filter presses including names such as Putsch, JWI, and Perrin?

Contact us to learn more about Micronics’ sweet expertise in providing filter presses, filter cloth, filter plates, and a full range of maintenance services for the sugar industries including sugar beet processing. Micronics is proud to be a valued supplier to the “farm-to-table” sugar beet industry which includes serving numerous farmer-owned processors.

Photo credit: Copyright smit / 123RF Stock Photo