Specialty Filter Presses

Rollbar, Enclosed, Stainless Steel, and Explosion-Proof Filter Presses

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Filter Press Parts Micronics offers a variety of specialty filter presses including the Rollbar filter, enclosed filter, stainless steel filter presses, and explosion-proof filtration equipment.

Micronics’ Rollbar Filter Press is designed for fully automatic and unattended operation to minimize your manpower requirements. On Fixcompletion of the filtration cycle, the filter automatically opens all of the filter chambers and mechanically discharges the filter cakes. The Rollbar Filter Press is outfitted with a complete safety system – instead of safety guards – to fully enclose the machine & ensure the safety of workers who may be in proximity to the filtration equipment. Sizes range from 630mm to 1200 mm to meet your precise needs.

Read more about whether the Rollbar Filter Press is the right solution for your operation here.

Download our new flyer on Micronics’ Rollbar Filter Press – English language, or Spanish language.

Micronics also designs and manufactures explosion-proof filtration equipment for operation in hazardous locations (HAZLOCs) in compliance with ANSI/NFPA/NEC, CEC, ATEX, GOST, Inmetro, IECEx, and other explosion protective standards. Protection features include non-incendive equipment, intrinsically safe wiring, and air-purged enclosures to prevent electrical ignition where flammable materials are present.

Contact us to learn more about our expertise in stainless steel filter presses, explosion-proof filtration equipment, and a host of other specialty filter presses. You can count on Micronics for innovative engineered filtration solutions.

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