Is the Rollbar Filter Press Right for Your Smaller-Scale Filtration Application?

Monday, June 5, 2017
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Micronics Engineered Filtration offers a full-range of standard and custom filter presses for your applications, large and small.

Rollbar Filter Press

This 19 cubic foot rollbar filter press provides reliable, automatic, low-maintenance operation for filtration of high solids-content slurries where a quick cycle time is required.

For smaller-scale applications (1-20 cubic feet) that require operation without attendance, Micronics offers its rollbar filter press. The rollbar filter is fully automatic and provides for a low-maintenance operation with PLC control. On completion of its filtration cycle, the filter press automatically opens all of the filter chambers and mechanically discharges the filter cakes. Safety guards are provided to fully enclose the machine and ensure the safety of workers who may be in proximity.

Some markets and applications that are successfully using our rollbar filter press design include chemicals, industrial sludge, mining, and the filtering of high solids content slurries requiring quick cycle times.

Contact us to learn more about our filter press solutions and whether the rollbar filter press meets your operation’s requirements. We will also assist you selecting the right filter plate/filter cloth combination to best meet your filtration needs.