Micronics Announces Introduction of MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth, Tailored Specifically for Improving Uptime, Quality, and Reducing Costs in the Mining Industry

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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PORTSMOUTH, NH and CHATTANOOGA, TN – The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is pleased to introduce its newest filter press cloth product, MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth. Micronics’ MINE-XLL™ was developed and tailored specifically for the mining industry to provide extra-long life, dramatically decreasing the frequency of filter cloth change-outs, a pain point in mining & mineral processing dewatering operations including copper, zinc, gold, silver, rare earths, lithium, and more.

Typical mining filter cloths achieve a lifetime of approximately 1500 – 3000 cycles in mineral processing applications. Micronics’ MINE-XLL™ filter cloth is typically achieving a lifetime of 3x that of traditional polypropylene (PP) felted mining cloths, including our own.

The new mining cloth has been tested and rigorously evaluated at ten mine sites and performance has been far exceeding expectations. With Micronics’ MINE-XLL™, some mines have already achieved over 10,000 cycles before the need for cloth change-out.

Micronics’ new heavyweight nylon filter press cloth is shown to deliver multiple improvements:

• Longer cloth lifetime – 3x the number of cycles before the need for cloth change-out
• Better cake release than traditional PP felted mining cloth
• Greater mechanical resistance to highly-abrasive, high-velocity mine slurries
• Less fabric blinding – cloths stay cleaner with less washing needed
• Lower cake moistures, resulting in lower hauling costs
• More machine up-time

“We are doing really well using the new nylon cloths from Micronics in place of the previous felt cloth your competitor was selling us for the last 10 years or so. From the initial start of testing, our moistures ran and averaged 10%, and since installation of the new mining cloth, we are now averaging 7.4%. This is a huge savings when you talk about transportation costs,”

… according to Process Manager, Milling Department, copper mining company, North America.

“We are very pleased to hear the reactions of our customers to the cost savings from using our new product. Using Micronics’ new MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth, there is more press up-time and we estimate that clients can experience well over $100,000 per year in cost savings, both through labor & productivity improvements and lower hauling costs,”

… said Chris Cummins, President & CEO of the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group.

Micronics’ new fabric introduction comes on the heels of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics June 25 Report that in 2019, the mining industry (except oil and gas) had a productivity decline of 3.8%, as hours worked increased while output declined.

Micronics’ MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth can be manufactured to fit all OEM brands of mining filter presses on the market today.

Read more on our blog about the proven performance of Micronics’ MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth

Please contact us to arrange for trial of MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth in your press dewatering operation or to reorder MINE-XLL™ Filter Cloth for your mine.

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Francine S. Bernitz
Marketing Director, Micronics Engineered Filtration Group

Mine-XLL™ Filter Cloth Press Release – English (PDF)

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