Is a Double-Feed Assembly Right for the Plumbing of My New Filter Press?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Let’s face it – talking about plumbing may not be as “exciting” a topic as filter cloth or filter plate selection. Yet filter press piping is an integral part of the slurry dewatering process. Did you know that Micronics’ double-feed plumbing design (aka articulating dual-feed assembly) is an excellent choice for long filter presses requiring a second feed?

With our articulating double-feed assembly, Micronics takes care of all the plumbing details for you, making both installation and maintenance much easier for you and your operation.

If you are considering a new filter press, a dual-feed design is well suited to a host of high solids and abrasive solids applications including aggregates, coal refuse, dewatering of mine tailings, mineral concentrates, gold/silver recovery, chemical manufacturing, and other demanding applications.

With Micronics’ design, all of the movement is contained within our equipment and you need not worry about routing and supporting giant hoses which tend to clog and wear out easily. Our design allows you to “hard plumb” the feed connection directly to the press.

Benefits of Our Articulating Double-Feed Assembly Include:

  • Optimized feed velocity, decreased cloth abrasion
  • Promoting greater cake consistency
  • Increased life of filter cloths and plates
  • Increased up-time
  • All Stainless-Steel for maximum corrosion-resistance, particularly useful if the material running through the filter press may be corrosive

To see how the articulating double feed works, take a look at our short, informative video here.

Contact us to discuss your new filter press project and see if the articulating double feed would be beneficial to your slurry dewatering operation. Our experts look forward to discussing all the many details of your project requirements with you and the choices that make sense for your operation from capacity to cloth, plates, shifters, hydraulics, controls, & piping to filter cake discharge & safety features.