Power Packs


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Electro/Hydraulic Power Packs
Power PacksThese hydraulic power units (HPUs) consist of a base power unit, low-pressure manifold, and a high-pressure manifold. The base power unit includes a hydraulic oil reservoir, an electric motor, and a low-pressure hydraulic pump. High-speed models also include a high-pressure pump driven by the same motor. The low-pressure pump supplies hydraulic fluid to the low-pressure manifold for the operation of automatic hydraulic plate shifters, drip trays, cloth washers, and the main cylinder.

The low-pressure manifold houses a pressure relief valve, directional control valves, and sandwich-body valves for various performance modulating functions. Among other components, the high-pressure manifold includes a relief valve, pilot-operated check valve, and a dual-electronic pressure switch used in the activation or deactivation of the main cylinder’s high-pressure clamping. High pressure is achieved with a hydraulic intensifier (standard units) or a high-pressure pump (high-speed units). The pressure maintenance feature keeps clamping pressure within the specified range by reactivating the power pack or relieving excess pressure.

Air-Over-Oil Power Packs
Power PackAir-over-oil hydraulic power packs (HPUs) consist of low-pressure hydraulic components, high-pressure hydraulic components, and pneumatic components. The hydraulic oil reservoir is the primary low-pressure hydraulic component. The reservoir is a sealed pressure vessel approximately two-thirds filled with hydraulic oil. Pneumatic pressure is used to expel oil from the reservoir at low pressure with high flow, which extends the filter press-clamping cylinder.

Among the high-pressure hydraulic components are the air-driven hydraulic intensifier pump and the high-pressure manifold block assembly. The manifold assembly is an integrated hydraulic circuit that controls oil flow direction, pressure, and the rate of decompression. The pneumatic components of this system provide both the power to operate the air/oil system and the pilot control for operation. Pneumatic components include the quick exhaust valve, pneumatic logic block, and the pump air pressure regulator. As the hydraulic output approaches the desired pressure, dictated by the pump air pressure regulator setting, the pump slows down and stops. The pump automatically restarts to compensate for natural hydraulic system pressure losses. Any excess pressure (due to the intensification of slurry pumping) is relieved at the high-pressure manifold block.

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