“Bomb Bay” Drip Trays

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Drip Trays“Bomb bay door” style drip trays are a useful option to:

  • Collect any dripping filtrate during the feed cycle to prevent drips from reaching conveyors or cake dumpsters.
  • Capture filtrate residue when the filter closing pressure is initially released prior to cake discharge.
  • Allow high pressure wand cleaning of the cloth and/or plate, discharging the cleaning liquor to a launder via the doors.
  • Retain wash water from automatic cloth washing equipment.

The “bomb bay” doors can be designed to open automatically with the filter press while having a manual override for cleaning. Though stainless steel is the standard, the doors are also available in polypropylene or FRP. The doors are mounted horizontally and direct the filtrate flow to a launder (trough) at one side of the filter press. The inclined plastic launder (trough) runs the length of the filter press, collecting and directing the filtrate to a discharge location/connection specified by the customer.

Contact us to learn more about our drip trays and full range of filter press options to help optimize your filter press operation and achieve your production objectives.