The Hydraulic Power Unit on My Filter Press is Down, Now What?

Thursday, April 6, 2017
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Hydraulic power units, or HPUs as they are commonly known, are an important part of filter press operations. Frankly, there is among nothing more frustrating than not being able to operate your filter press – including automatic hydraulic shifters, drip trays and cloth washers – than having an HPU that is having operational challenges. Every piece of equipment and part is critical to an efficient, cost-effective filter press operation.

Depending upon the size of your particular filter press, Micronics offers both Electro/Hydraulic Power Packs as well as Air-Over-Oil Hydraulic Power Packs. We address everything from 630 mm presses to 1500 mm+ presses across a range of demanding dewatering applications including chemical manufacturing, industrial, mining, power generation, and food/beverage.

Micronics is pleased to assist you with retrofits to your existing filter press, whatever the size, make or model. We can supply replacement hydraulic power units –either standard, pre-engineered or custom – for virtually any filter press brand, not just Micronics’ own filter presses. All units are provided with full exploded-view assembly drawings and hydraulic schematics so you don’t have to second-guess any of the details.

Of course, we also supply the industry-leading filter cloths, filter plates, and all the other filter press components and accessories you need for a successful filter press operation including the HPUs. And we will satisfy your needs in a timely fashion as we know that time is money when it comes to maximizing your filter press capital investment and increasing up-time.

Here is a small sampling of Micronics’ HPUs but, of course we recognize that each dewatering situation is different and may require a different customized solution.

Retrofitted Filter Press

Standard Hydraulic Power Unit, perfect for retrofitting to many makes and models of filter presses.

Air-Over-Oil Hydraulic Power Unit

Air-over-Oil HPU consists of low-pressure hydraulic components, high-pressure hydraulic components and pneumatic components.


Perrin Hydraulic Power Unit

HPU retrofit for another filter press brand.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Custom, convenient, skid-mounted Hydraulic Power Unit and controls.


Contact us to learn more about retrofitting your filter press with Micronics’ hydraulic power unit solutions including both electro/hydraulic power packs and air-over-oil power packs.