Medium to High Capacity Filter Presses

Industrial Water Filtration and Sludge Dewatering

Overhead High Capacity Filter PressMicronics, Inc. designs and builds hundreds of different medium to high capacity filter presses for various applications, including sludge dewatering and industrial water filtration. Our highly skilled personnel engineer these specific filter press designs for filtering large quantities of slurry. We offer a wide range of sizes including our 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm presses to optimize performance.

Contact us to explore what filter press design and subsystem options may be right for your unique market/application. Below, you will find a selection of some of our popular medium to high capacity filter press designs.

Open High Capacity Filter Press

Sidebar Automatic (Open Filtrate) –

Mechanized plate movement, with open filtrate plates. This model is supplied with an electro/hydraulic plate closing system and a hydraulic plate shifter.

Automatic High Capacity Filter PressSidebar Automatic (Closed Filtrate) –

Mechanized plate movement, with closed filtrate. This model is supplied with an electro/ hydraulic plate closing system, a hydraulic plate shifter and a hydraulically-driven automatic cloth washer. Automated feed and filtrate valves may be incorporated.

Overhead Beam Filter PressManual Overhead

This model of single beam overhead filter press allows one person to easily move the filter plates. The manual overhead design does not require mechanized shifters. The framework and hanger system for the manual overhead model is slightly more expensive than sidebar filter press models.

Automatic Filter PressAutomatic Twin Beam Overhead

Overhead plate suspension with tie rod design is used for large filter press installations. The plates are moved via overhead, hydraulic plate shifters. Safety doors and electric light guards protect the operator.

Stainless Steel Filter PressStainless Steel Clad

This model is a fully automatic sidebar filter press, stainless steel clad, with automatic cloth washer. It was designed for a specialty chemicals facility. The filter press incorporates a specially-designed gasketed membrane plate, a skid-mounted plate inflation system, and the capability to operate up to 15 bar (225 psi).

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