Test Presses for Pilot Testing

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Test Presses for Pilot TestingThe Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is proud to introduce its newest small filter press, the MicroPressTM 150 mm Press.

The MicroPressTM is well-suited to Pilot Testing requirements where:

  • There is a limited slurry sample size
  • There are low percent solids in the slurry (e.g. a polishing application)
  • The 470 mm Test Press is simply too large!
  • The cost of shipping the 470 mm Test Press is prohibitive

Great things can come in small packages. The MicroPressTM has the following innovative features and benefits:

  • Comes equipped with membrane squeeze and cake blow capabilities for demonstrating the ability to achieve very dry filter cakes.
  • Allows testing for cake thicknesses ranging from 15 mm up to 60 mm.
  • Comes complete with press, feed pump, and a high-pressure manual air pump for the Membrane Squeeze. You simply need to provide the compressed air to operate the feed pump and cake blow.
  • Weighs only ~100 pounds – Compact, lightweight and easy & cost-effective to transport.
  • Supplied with several filter cloth styles – hand-selected by Micronics filtration experts – that may be suited to your application and specific trial requirements.

Our Applications Engineering Team will help you every step of the way in transitioning from pilot test to full-scale production. We love seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when feasibility is demonstrated and they see the path to dewatering success.

Contact Micronics or call us at 866.481.3694 to ask about renting the new MicroPressTM Bench-Scale Filter Press for your Pilot Testing needs, or purchasing the MicroPress, as many customers are doing.

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