Low to Medium Capacity Filter Presses

Air Over Oil, Manual, Small Mezzanine, and Other Small Presses

Medium Capacity Filter PressesLow and medium capacity filter presses are available from 250 mm (10″) to 930 mm (36″) plate sizes. These machines are an effective, inexpensive choice for handling smaller quantities of material.

Cake handling systems may be via cake carts, drum disposal systems, or elevated platforms, which allow cake to discharge over “roll off” hoppers.

These low and medium capacity filter presses are available with stainless steel clad side rails, with either spring return or double acting cylinders.The closing system may be by simple hand pump, air-driven/spring return, or air-driven close with air retract.

Smaller filters may be inexpensively clad with polypropylene or stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. Models manufactured in 100% stainless steel are available for food-grade or laboratory-grade applications.

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