470mm Standard Filter Press

Micronics offers customers its standard 470mm filter press, the perfect entry-level press for your smaller-scale manual dewatering operations. Our 470mm standard filter press models are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to operate & maintain. They are excellent choices for your 1-2 cubic foot capacity needs. Our new 470mm standard presses use manually-shifted filter plates and hand-operated hydraulic power units. The piping manifold with manual valves for controlling feed, filtrate, and cake blow is included.


Standard Options Include:

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Contact us to learn about whether these two models are right for your manual dewatering needs. We offer an expandable model to suit your needs as your operation grows:

  • MSP 1-2, 1 cubic foot, expandable to 2cubic feet
  • MSP 2-2, 2 cubic feet, not expandable

Along with your Micronics 470mm filter press, we will supply you with a complete set of high-quality Micronics filter cloths with our “HPR” welded feed necks for enhanced performance – improved slurry delivery & greater abrasion resistance – to meet your requirements.

To learn more about our standard presses in the 2 – 10 cubic foot capacity range, please visit our new 630mm Product Page.

Contact us, contact your Regional Sales Manager, or call us at 866.481.3694 to ask for additional filter press information and pricing. With Micronics’ new standard small capacity manual filter presses like our 630mm filter press, we’ll get you on the road to dewatering much quicker. You can trust Micronics for custom and standard filter press solutions. Micronics. Your Trusted Pressure Filtration Experts since 1983.

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