Filter Cake Carts

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Filter Cake CartsThese carts can be rolled under the filter press during the filtration process to collect the accumulated waste (filter cake) for easy disposal.

Self dumping cake carts are available for filter presses from 250mm to 1200mm plate size. Constructed of heavy gauge frameworks and cake hoppers, the containers may be wheeled around or transported using the fork truck pick up tubes. Locking screws safely attach the pick up tubes to the forks and an additional chain hook secures the container to the fork truck. Larger containers (for 1000mm thru 1200mm plate sizes) are supplied with a flared top and heavy duty pivot arms to provide additional strength and durability. Standard finish is a two pack epoxy paint, optional paint finishes may be supplied upon request.

Contact us to learn more about our range of options to enhance your filtration operation.