Precision Filtration Products

Advanced Equipment & Expertise for Liquid/Solid Filtration

Micronics Precision FiltrationWhether you’re in mining/mineral processing, food & beverage, industrial applications, power generation, aggregates, pigments & dyes, municipal water, pharmaceuticals or other industries, Micronics has the precision filtration products you need for liquid/solid filtration and separation. Our filter cloths are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art production processes and equipment and provide for optimal filtration. We offer a wide selection of filter plates – standard or custom – for a wide range of filter presses, based on your application or specification. Beyond products, we offer deep technical know-how to ensure that the correct filter cloth, filter plates, filter press and options are working together to optimize your filtration operation and meet your production objectives. Micronics also provides full system design, installation, start-up and commissioning services for all filter presses, and we can also retrofit and refurbish filter presses from any manufacturer.

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Precision Filtration Products

Filter Cloth

Micronics manufactures synthetic woven and felted filter media, from lightweight (5 oz/sq. yd) to heavyweight (40 oz/sq. yd) fabrics in many fiber types. Yarn designs include monofilament, multifilament and staple fiber yarns – combined with a combination of weave patterns – to provide optimum filtration characteristics. Special surface finishes and treatments are used to enhance retention and cake release properties.

Micronics Filter Press

Filter Presses

Round and rectangular sidebar and overhead plate suspension models are offered. Options include fully automatic plate shifters, semi-automatic, and manual plate shifting, cloth washers, Press manifolds (fully automatic or manual), cake discharge carts, conveyors, “Bomb Bay” drip doors and drip trays. Micronics offers full system design and installation. Refurbishing and retrofitting of all manufacturers’ brands is another option. Rentals for test applications and laboratory-scale filters are also available.

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Polypropylene Grid

Polypropylene Grid

Filter Plates

Polypropylene, recessed, CGR (caulked & gasketed), Membrane, replaceable membrane, and “Plate & Frame” designs are all standard stock plates.

Special custom plate designs are also manufactured from PVC, Kynar (PVDF), and nylon. Aluminum and steel steam jacketed plates are produced for special applications. Other products include disc sectors (polypropylene & stainless steel), moore leaf, and electrolytic cells.