800mm Standard Filter Press

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800mm Filter PressThe Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is proud to introduce its new Standard 800mm Filter Press, the right choice for your 10 – 20 cubic foot capacity dewatering needs.

Our new 800mm Standard Filter Press models are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to operate & maintain. These presses are well suited to a variety of markets and applications including metal/surface finishing, metal plating, industrial laundry, printed circuit board (PCB) waste, water treatment system OEM partners, and granite shop wastewater.

Besides having the great quality that you can depend on from Micronics, our new 800mm Standard Presses come complete with an Air-Over-Oil Hydraulic Power Pack unit – enclosed in a cabinet – along with an operator-controlled console located at the crosshead end of the filter press.

Standard Options Include:

  • Air-Operated Diaphragm Feed Pump
  • Automatic Feed Pump Control System
(for control of Air-operated Diaphragm Feed Pump)
  • Semi-Automatic, Pneumatic Filter Plate Shifter, supported from the sidebars and running the length of the plate stack.
  • Cake Carts

Read the Product Announcement here.

Contact us to learn about whether one of these four models are right for your dewatering needs. Note that we offer two expandable 800mm models to suit your needs as your operational needs grow.

  • MSP 10-15, 10 cubic feet, expandable to 15 cubic feet
  • MSP 15-15, 15 cubic feet; not expandable
  • MSP 15-20, 15 cubic feet, expandable to 20 cubic feet
  • MSP 20-20, 20 cubic feet; not expandable

Contact us, contact your Regional Sales Manager, or call us at 866.481.3694 to ask for additional filter press information and pricing. With Micronics’ new standard medium capacity filter presses like our 800mm filter press, we’ll get you on the road to dewatering much quicker. You can trust Micronics for custom and standard filter press solutions.

Micronics… Your Trusted Pressure Filtration Experts since 1983.

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