Filtration Equipment Repair & Refurbishment

Save Valuable Time & Money

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Old Filtration EquipmentDoes your filter press look like this? Could you use some updated or upgraded components, or substantial filtration equipment repair? Enjoy the benefits of having Micronics refurbish your existing filter press. You won’t regret the decision.

Micronics specializes in providing new and rebuilt parts for existing filtration systems, whatever the brand or manufacturer. Our skilled technicians have years of experience with all types of filtration equipment.

Some of our filtration equipment repair refurbishment services include:

  • Hydraulic Unit and Cylinder Repair/Replacement
  • Addition or Replacement of Plate Shifters and Drip Trays
  • Addition or Replacement of Safety Components (light curtains, e-stops)
  • Filter Plate Repair and Replacement
  • Filter Press Frame/Sidebar Repair and Replacement

Whatever your needs, you can save time and money by repairing and/or refurbishing your filtration equipment so that it runs like new.

Plate Shifter Retrofit for Reduction in Press Cycle Time and Lower Operating Costs

Retrofitting Existing Filter Presses with Electro-Hydraulic Power Packs for Increased Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Operational Safety

Air-Over-Oil Hydraulic Power Unit Retrofit for Better Cake Formation, Shorter Life Cycle Times, Reduced Cleaning Time between Cycles & Lower Disposal Costs

Contact us today for more information on Micronics’ expert filtration equipment repairs.