Older Filter Plates Affecting Your Filter Press Performance?

Monday, May 7, 2018
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Filter plates are an integral part of an efficient, trouble-free dewatering operation and it is reassuring to know that pressure filtration expert, Micronics, provides replacement filter plates for all makes, models and styles of filter presses, including yours. That’s right, you don’t have to have a Micronics filter press to benefit from Micronics’ plate/cloth expertise. And, even if your filter press is old or it is not made in the USA, we can still supply you with the high-quality replacement filter plates.

Micronics offers you an extensive range of Standard Filter Plates:

Recessed Filter PlatesRecessed Chamber Filter Plates – including both non-gasketed (NG) and caulked-gasketed-recessed – CGR – designs. Standard sizes included 470 mm, 630 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm, up to 2m x 2m. We offer center feed, corner feed, and even external feed designs, and can address cake thicknesses up to 50 mm with our chamber filter plate product family. Micronics can also provide you with different temperature and pressure ratings. Ask us about special sizes, feed eye arrangements, and other special requirements.

Membrane Filter PlateMembrane Filter Plates – These offer many performance advantages including drier filter cake, faster cycle times, improved cake washing capabilities & increased production rates. We offer different sizes and standard configurations to meet your needs including center feed, corner feed, and external feed, along with various feed eye arrangements and various filtrate discharge options.

Mixed Pack Filter Plates

Mixed Pack Membrane – the combination of the membrane chamber plate alternating with the recessed chamber filter plate is an excellent choice for performance and cost savings. Ask us about this smart capital investment or for more information check out the many benefits here.

Plate and Frame Filter Plates

Plate and Frame Designs – While standard plate and frame designs are not as common today, you can turn to Micronics for replacements for your older-style plate and frame designs. Different frame thicknesses can be used for different cake thicknesses.

Contact us today request a quote for replacement filter plates. Don’t let your filter press performance be compromised by old or under-performing plates in your plate stack!