Recessed Filter Plates

Filter Plates for Any Brand of Recessed Plate Filter Press

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Sidebar and Overhead Press Compatible
Recessed Filter Plate Diagram

Recessed filter plates are designed for 7, 15, and 20 bar operation (100/225/300 psi) in a recessed plate filter press. They are available for sidebar or overhead press designs. Mounting hangers or side handles can accommodate any brand of filter.


Open Recessed Filter Plate
Recessed Plate – Open Filtrate
An open filtrate recess plate discharges filtrate to either a “bib” located on one side of the plate or via vertical holes along the underside of the filter plate. Visible filtrate discharge from each chamber can identify holed filter cloth or retention problems.

Closed Recessed Filter Plate
Recessed Plate – Closed Filtrate
This is virtually identical to the open filtrate design, but with the addition of corner pads. Holes in these corners form a pipe or tube and collect the filtrate, which is discharged to a manifold at the feed end of the filter press. Spigots may be used to examine the filtrate externally.

Gasketed Recessed Filter Plate
Recessed Filter Plate–Caulked and Gasketed (CGR)
Filter cloth is installed in grooves within the plate. Grooves containing ‘O’ ring around the sealing edge and filtrate holes form a tight seal when the plate pack is closed.

Cloth support patterns come in 3 distinct drainage patterns: pipped, elongated pip, and grooved. Grooved drainage is more common on plate & frame installations. The higher filtration pressures used with recessed or membrane plates make a pipped design more desirable. This design provides better support for filter cloth, allowing filtrate to discharge along the base of the recessed filter plate with the least resistance.

Pipped Drainage


Elongated Pip

Elongated Pip