Filter Cloth Excellence: High-Quality Cloth, Well-Stocked Inventory, Short Lead Times & Applications Expertise

Monday, May 15, 2017
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Micronics is an expert in all things related to dewatering and that includes filter cloth, filter plates, filter presses, preventative maintenance, spare parts, and application-specific expertise. Every week, we are providing customers with answers to a host of application-specific questions from the right cloth specs for metal finishing slurries to handling challenging mining applications to filtration in canola oil processing.

Various Filter Cloth Options

Our state-of-the-art filter cloth manufacturing factory in Portsmouth, NH, USA has a very well-stocked inventory of rolled goods to meet our customers’ exacting filter cloth needs. Plus, beyond materials and manufacturing operations, our applications-engineering staff is second to none.

We manufacture high-quality filter cloth for all makes and models of filter presses and in virtually any style, size, weave and finish to meet your needs, whether standard or custom. We do it all in our state-of-the-art factory in Portsmouth, NH, here in the USA. We keep a very robust, well-stocked inventory of rolled goods to meet our customers’ varied filter cloth needs.

With Micronics, you can – of course – count on excellent inventories and short lead-times that meet your operation’s needs. We say “of course” because we think you should expect EXCELLENCE from your filter cloth supplier. So, what does excellence mean?

  • It starts with providing expert assistance with filter cloth selection to ensure you are ordering the right filter cloth for your filter press and operating conditions. You might say, of course but there are, unfortunately, numerous filter press operations where the right cloth/plate has not been optimized to achieve the results you require.
  • It means our state-of-the-art cloth manufacturing operations are working to meet your needs on quality and lead-times. We have several laser cutters to precisely cut cloth to meet your needs.
  • It means our staff is knowledgeable and committed to your success. Filter cloth manufacturing is both an art and a science and our team understands what it means to deliver on customer expectations from our engineers to our sewing staff. This means high quality, delivery, and price with no attitude, just satisfaction. We excel in both standard and custom orders.
  • It means that we are committed to the “extras” such as expert latex application to minimize leakage, industry-leading innovations such as our HPR welded feed necks for improved slurry delivery and abrasion resistance, and did we mention our truly superb sewing staff? Read more about the benefits of our HPR feed necks here in this recent blog post.

Filter cloth is the foundation of a superb filter press operation. Whether you need cloth for a 1200 mm fully automatic filter press in a challenging chemical manufacturing environment or cloth for a 630 mm manual filter press, we can meet your needs. You can trust the Micronics Engineered Filtration brand and the team that stands behind the brand.

Contact us to learn more about our excellence in filter cloth and to request a filter cloth quote.