Filter Cloth

The Key Ingredient to Optimizing Your Filter Press Operations

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Micronics is the worldwide authority on filter cloth, the key ingredient to optimizing your filter press operations. We take great care to review each customer’s process and application to design a filter cloth that is tailored to each customer’s exacting requirements. With Micronics Filter Cloth, we will help you achieve drier cakes, get optimal cake release, resistance to media blinding, and the filtrate clarity you require.

Learn more about selecting the best filter cloth for your process!

From natural fibers to synthetics and felted materials, Micronics offers an extensive inventory of durable, high-performance filter cloth materials and various weaves to meet your filtration needs.

We know that ensuring quick and responsive turnaround is paramount to your satisfaction. We work with trusted suppliers to ensure that we have on-hand the cloth materials needed for your specific application.

At Micronics, yarn fiber materials, yarn designs, weave patterns and special finishing techniques are all incorporated into our cloth designs to increase cloth life, improve filter cake release characteristics, and enhance your filtration operations. You can depend on our deep filtration expertise and custom-designed fabrics to meet your production goals.

Micronics utilizes the latest precision, high technology equipment in its filter cloth manufacturing operations. Micronics has invested substantially in multiple state-of-the-art laser cutting machines to ensure superior, high-speed cutting and the consistent high quality you have come to expect from Micronics.

Contact Micronics to learn more about how Micronics Filter Cloth and our filter cloth know-how can help you optimize your filter press operation.

Micronics can supply you with cloth for filter presses and for belt presses. Contact us to discuss filter media for your belt press too!

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