AFT® Optisize™ Filter Bags

When it comes to air pollution control and ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations, the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is your trusted baghouse solutions partner. We manufacture a wide range of high-quality filter bags for all baghouses, industries, and dust types. Our trusted AFT® OptiSizeTM Filter Bag is our smart bag that helps to improve fabric performance by increasing your filtration capacity.

The AFT® OptiSizeTM Filter Bag concept is based on the switch from the traditional circular bag shape to a square shape with rounded corners, increasing the perimeter of the filter bag and filtration surface at equal bag length.  The result is an increase of filtration area – up to 15 percent – within the same filter casing volume, as compared to a “traditional” round bag.

Learn more details about Micronics’ AFT® OptiSizeTM Filter Bag below.

Micronics’ AFT® OptiSizeTM is available in all types of felts and fiberglass filter media to replace the five-inch and six-inch filter bags.

Micronics’ AFT® OptiSizeTM Filter Bag will lower your cost of ownership by increasing the filtering area at an equal production rate – leading to a drop in differential pressure (DP) across the filter bags. This decreased DP results in lower power consumption on the system fan. Reducing the DP improves the filter bags’ lifetime, with less internal wear on bags and cages during cleaning cycles.

Did You Know… you can install our AFT® OptiSizeTM filter bags in a new baghouse or upgrade an existing one to increase the capacity. In case of an upgrade, you can reuse the filter casing, clean gas plenum, cleaning system, control system, dust extraction system, and other auxiliaries on the baghouse filter. All you need is to replace the tubesheet and install new bags and cages. This will lower your investment cost significantly compared to replacing your existing baghouse. See the chart on the right for a comparison.

Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you with the optimal baghouse filtration solution for your needs. Whether for the best filter media or our full range of baghouse field services – or both – it is all here at the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is proud of its growing family of industry-leading filtration brands including AFT, SOLAFT, CPE, UPC, NFM, Filterfab, SFM, and Micronics!

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