Vacuum/Membrane Filter Plates

Vacuum/Membrane Filter Plates are a part of a solution for achieving “bone-dry cakes” so that you don’t need to worry about excess moisture in your filter cakes or the need for secondary drying of the filter cakes.

Just as a rule of thumb, where a “standard” filter press might achieve 40% dry solids and a membrane filter press might achieve 50% dry solids, A Micronics “VP” Vacuum Filter Press – with Vacuum Membrane Plates – can achieve a whopping 95% dry solids, all based on drying within the Filter Press itself or drying in-situ.

Learn more about whether drying in-situ is the innovative filter press solution you need for improving operating efficiencies and supporting the environment as well.

Vacuum Membrane Filter Plates have a chamber below the drainage surface that is inflated after the filter cake is formed. Heated water at 175 °F – 230 °F (higher temperatures may be used with metal cores) is pumped through this cavity, both inflating the membrane against and transferring heat into the filter cake.

Cross Section Vacuum Membrane Filter Plate

A constant pressure is generated by water flow, which keeps the membrane face against the filter cake as it shrinks during the drying process. A vacuum applied within the filtration chamber draws out moisture from the filter cake and will – with sufficient time – produce a bone dry filter cake product.

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