Filter Plates

Standard and Custom Filter Plate Designs

Filter PlatesFilter plates by Micronics are ideal for any application requiring liquid/solid separation, including mining and mineral processing, chemical manufacturing, paint & pigments, food & beverage, wastewater and more.

Micronics filter press plates have earned a world-wide reputation for quality, craftsmanship, durability and precise specifications, whether the order is for standard filter plates or has custom requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of plate types and materials to accommodate any industry’s filtration needs.

Micronics offers a comprehensive range of plate types and materials including recessed filter plates, membrane plates, vacuum membrane filter plates, “clip neck” plates, “plate and frame” plates, polypropylene plates, and more. We offer standard and custom filter plate designs, tailored to your market/application. Micronics can design filter press plates that improve cake dryness and washing efficiency or help to combat abrasive conditions. Ask us about our tailored solutions or our OEM replacement plates.

Contact us so that we may assist you in finding the right filtration equipment to suit your specific requirements.

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