The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is pleased to introduce its Blue-Flexx™ Performance Belt Press Belt Fabric. It delivers numerous benefits for tangibly reducing costs in your Belt Press operations!

There are many options in the market for Belt Press belt fabrics. Yet, the truth is that the price of a Belt Filter Press Belt is small as compared to the downtime and resources required to replace worn-out belts. This is why we have focused on creating fabric technology that lowers operating costs, allows for easier belt washing, and provides for longer run times. Micronics is committed to helping our customers maximize performance and lower cost-of-ownership.

With Blue-Flexx™, we are dramatically reducing the time and resources needed to replace failed or worn-out Filter Press Belts.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group – and its NFM brand – has developed fabric technologies that reduce failure points in industrial and municipal liquid-solid separation belts and fabrics. Since Belt Filter Presses were introduced, the Micronics team has been supplying belts and performance fabrics for a wide range of demanding belt press applications.

Introducing Blue-Flexx™ Performance Belt Press Fabric

The Blue-Flexx™ belt press belt fabric is designed with a new finishing process that allows for better cake release and diagonal flexibility, addressing two key factors in operational hours and performance. Our finishing process allows for better cake release which reduces abrasion and wear on the belts as well as better diagonal flexibility, making our belts more resistant to the wrinkles that can cause premature failure.

  • Provides Superior Sludge Release
    • Allows for Easier Belt Washing
    • Less Fabric Abrasion
  • Increased Belt Diagonal Flexibility
    • Longer Expected Run Times
  • New Design has Interlocking Weft Yarns Which Deliver:
    • Increased Structural Integrity in the Belt
    • 3% Greater Break Strength than other Heavy-duty Fabrics on the Market
    •  Improved Stability, Helping to Prevent Wrinkles and Premature Belt Failure

Combined with our Patented Rayza-Back® seam – which provides 30% greater break strength than standard clipper seams – you can reach greater run times and lower your cost of ownership!


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