Drip Tray Retrofit to Reduce Dripping Filtrate from Contaminating the Dry Filter Cake in the Catch Bin

Monday, March 16, 2020
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Drip Tray Retrofit

The Challenge

Galen Garretson, one of our field service personnel, recently shared a story about a solution that resulted in a reduction in hauling costs for a food industry client. On a recent field visit to this customer in the Midwest, it became readily apparent during our site inspection that their 1200mm filter press’ drip trays were damaged beyond repair. The existing drip tray doors were allowing wicking liquids to contaminate the dry filter cake in the catch bin below the filter press. We would estimate that this was to the tune of ~40-50 gallons of liquid per cycle.

Unfortunately, as the press was not a Micronics-manufactured press, detailed information needed to be collected to fit new drip trays. This is not at all uncommon.

Solution: Retrofitting Filter Press with New Drip Trays

Micronics personnel conducted a detailed follow-up site visit to obtain all the required measurements needed for us to design an effective solution for preventing contamination of what should be the dry filter cake.

Micronics designed weld plates which were used for mounting the drip trays to the filter press legs.  Drips trays were assembled on the ground and lifted safely into place with a hoist/lifting device. Once in place, the drip trays were mounted to the weld plates and adjusted for proper alignment – or nesting – where the edges of the doors in the closed position are properly aligned to prevent leaking. Proper alignment is key.

In addition to the drip trays, Micronics provided a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to not only run the hydraulic drip tray cylinder, but also the main hydraulic cylinder as well.

Result: Reduction in Filter Cake Moisture in the Catch Bin and Associated Reduction in Hauling Costs

Retrofitting the customer’s existing press with Micronics drip trays eliminated excess liquid from contaminating the dry cake below. The retrofit reduced the moisture content of the solids in the waste container, which the client was very pleased with.

Did You Know… Achieving drier filter cake solids is a key tool for reducing transportation and disposal costs in filter press operations.


Drip Tray Install Before

This photo is of the drip tray doors prior to installation. The doors arrive from Micronics Engineered Filtration in this condition.


Drip Tray Install After

Pictured here are the drip tray doors installed and closed, showing that no water can enter the catch bin for the dry solids.


Proximity Switch After

Pictured here is a proximity switch. Micronics-installed drip trays come with two proximity switches to indicate when the doors are fully opened and fully closed.


You can count on Micronics to supply solutions to meet your needs. Our solutions are innovative, cost-effective, and highly reliable. We work with Micronics filter presses and – as in this story – with filter presses built by other OEMs.

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