Replacement Hydraulic Shifter Systems for Your Filter Press Operation

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
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Plate shifters are an essential part of a filter press operation, of course in conjunction with appropriate filter cloth and filter plate selection – size, type, arrangement – for your specific application. Micronics offers three types of plate shifters: hydraulic; pneumatic (semi-automatic); and manual.

A key advantage of the hydraulically-driven shifter system is that it is automatic, thus eliminating the need for operator intervention during plate separation or shifting. This may be particularly attractive if there are multiple filter presses at your site.

Hydraulic Shifter

Micronics’ robust automatic, hydraulically-driven plate shifter system may be retrofitted to virtually any make or model of filter press – whether Micronics or another filter press manufacturer – as is shown here at this edible oils installation. Contact Micronics to explore whether a retrofit hydraulic shifter is a good fit for your filter press operation.

Hydraulically-driven plate shifter systems are available from Micronics for installation on virtually any make or model of filter press, whether an overhead or side-bar design.

These self-contained units may be installed either using a customer’s existing PLC control and power pack, or the hydraulic shifter may be purchased along with a replacement power pack and/or PLC control. The choice is yours.

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) can be sized to run only the shifter system or sized to run the filter press, the shifter, and any ancillary systems such as automatic drip trays and automatic cloth washing systems. You can learn more about our HPU retrofits in a recent blog post.

To learn more about the operation of our hydraulic plate shifter systems, view the short video here.

Contact us so that we may assist you with a replacement hydraulic shifter system for your filter press’s efficient operation. Or ask us about our pneumatic, semi-automatic shifter systems.