What Makes an Ideal Filter Cloth Fabric?

Thursday, January 10, 2019
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Ideal Filter Cloth Characteristics-1

When it comes to filter cloth, it is both an art and a science to have an ongoing supply of high-quality filter press cloth that provides your operation with long, trouble-free performance. Long, trouble-free performance means achieving the longest possible filter cloth life before failure due to blinding or mechanical/chemical damage necessitates cloth removal and change out. Here are some criteria to look for in the ideal filter cloth fabric:

1. Resistance to Mechanical and Chemical Conditions

This would include consideration for the tensile forces acting on the fabric and abrasive nature of the slurry.

2. Resistance to Blinding

This is a well-known filtration industry term which relates to particulate matter becoming trapped within the interstices of the fabric, and leading to a substantial reduction in filter press throughput.

3. Good Cake Discharge at the end of the Filtration Cycle

No doubt you already know that filter cake which stubbornly adheres to the fabric will lead to a reduction in process efficiency. Having to do all sorts of ongoing manual scraping is simply less cost-effective than having a filter cloth that is optimized for good cake discharge, right?

4. Low Cake Moisture Content

This is particularly important where filter cakes need to be transported for landfill. Read our blog for more information about Reducing Expenses for Transporting Filter Cake here.

5. Excellent Press Throughput

Filter cloth selection – along with filter press equipment choices – does play a critical role in achieving the maximum throughput in the minimum time and with minimum resistance.

6. Filtrate Clarity

If there are solids in your filtrate, it is possible that the filter cloths are not ideal for your application or the cloths have holes or tears and are ready for change out. Other factors may relate to proper installation of the head cloth or – if using gasketed cloth and plates – the proper installation of the CGR cloth.

Contact Micronics to ensure that you have the ideal filter cloth for your application and operation. Benefit from our superior applications and filter media manufacturing expertise.

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